INFOGRAPHICS! because straight-up facts aren’t good enough.

I obviously have always admired great design but it’s always inspiring to see things that make you say I LOVE THIS! My new favorite place for inspiration is The Daily Infographic. In school and fresh out of school I attempted to make some killer infographics but some of these are so great that it makes me want to give it another spin. Here is a really good one (it actually made me question my shoes!):

The one problem I have with making infographics is coming up with the data and content… basically the whole point of making the infograph which is arguably the most important part. I say arguably because I think it is almost a 50/50 split. Not only does information need to be as accurate, comprehensive, effective, persuasive etc… it also needs to visually be these things; doesn’t hurt to also be beautiful and interesting to the eye.

Of course there are different types of infographcs, some more persuasive than others. I think a lot of it depends on the purpose and the audience. This ultimately reflects on the tone, which is above all how artists make great work. Its imperative for the visual representation to reinforce the content! I have seen some inforgraphics with absurd facts,  let’s be real, there is no way in hell. But they become magnificent with silly character illustrations and bold colors with funky typefaces. The tone here is lighthearted and upbeat. This could mean one of two things:

A. The author hopes your completely gullible and will fall for his deceit
B. The author is conveying the complete idiocy of the subject. Whatever it may be  displaying, the designer finds the subject completely irrational and finds it hilarious to entertain the fact by being over-dramatic and very sarcastic.

There is a possibility the designer wants both outcomes because how hilarious is it when your best friend comes up to you and says “did you know that polar bears are born brown, the get their white color from living in the cold,” yes I do have a friend that has stated this “fact,” she will not be named. But in all seriousness, if the tone fits the subject and communicates the message the designer wants the audience to experience, both visually and content wise, I declare THAT the perfect infographic! This is just one example of course there are plenty of serious subjects that need to be displayed in a totally different tone.

So now that I have reflected on this and looked at some awesome examples, I want to make some super sexy, fun, outrageous, beautiful, and down right fucking awesome infographics. If anyone has any ideas research wise, topics they have been interested in, just plain curiosity about something, I want to hear about it!

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